Sudz By Mesha

We hand craft UNIQUE ,ELEGANTLY looking soaps available for events and other special occasions! We offer customized and personalized handcrafted bar soaps, bath bombs and gift sets.

We take a blank canvas known as melt & pour soap, we incorporate beneficial ingredients like raw and unrefined butters /oils /essential oils /fragrance oils. We then get lost in our own soapy dreams and make these creations that are not only pretty, smell GREAT but will treat your skin RIGHT! but that's not where Sudz by Mesha stops, our main focus is to bring you a soaping experience unlike any other that's WAYYY more personal and also isn't filled with so many HARSH chemicals. You are the creator of your bar.. we are just the packers. Choose your scent(s), color(s), size ,mold /design and any beneficial additives your skin may require like rolled oats, activated charcoal, clay, honey, etc etc. Once you receive your custom bar, showering will never be the same!

The proof is in the bubbles!